Get Started

Outer Limits sign-up Steps:

  • Contact Outer Limits here to schedule a free in-person informational visitation to discuss goals, pricing, and tour the Outer Limits training facility. The visitation is optional, and the discussion can also be done via phone. (412-860-0023)
  • Purchase a training package and schedule your first session appointment. Payment (cash or check) is due in full at the start of your first scheduled session.

What to bring to your Outer Limits training session:

  • Arrive dressed ready to workout
  • Change of clean shoes for your workout
  • Water or sports drink
  • If it’s your 1st session, your payment in full for the training package. (cash or check only)

Additional recommended services:


Have a passion for biking? Ready to maximize your cycling fitness and reach your potential? Whether you are seeking to climb the amateur ranks in mountain, gravel, or road racing or you simply want to dominate the peloton in your local recreational group rides, this exceptional customized structured training plan is for you. We will connect you with our HIGHLY recommended cycling specialist for a FREE coaching consultation! Please text “CYCLING” to 412-860-0023 and START your journey today!


Having back pain? Getting little to no results with your current plan? Please text “CHIROPRACTIC” to 412-860-0023 to be connected to our recommended Chiropractor.


If interested in learning more regarding our recommended massage therapist please text “MASSAGE” to 412-860-0023.