Garrett Reinke

Mars Area

  • Garrett Reinke Outer Limits
Garrett Reinke Outer Limits Garrett Reinke Outer Limits

Team: Mars Area

Sport: Football, LaCrosse, Wrestling

Garrett is training with Outer Limits to make improvements in muscle mass, strength, speed, agility, and power.

  • Football: Running Back
  • LaCrosse: Center Midfield



  • The right work, the right way.

    Bill and the team at Outer Limits design and implement comprehensive training programs for athletes that are both effective and efficient. Since beginning his training at Outer Limits over a year ago, my son, Garrett has shown impressive gains in speed, strength and explosiveness. With the individual attention that he receives, I am confident as a parent that he is putting in the right work, in the right way, to achieve his full athletic potential.

    -Jennifer Reinke