• Extraordinary Gains in Strength, Speed & Explosiveness

    "Bill and the Outer Limits staff are incredible at what they do. They use science to train their athletes individually which sets them apart from all others. This approach allows every athlete to reach their individual potential. Cade has made extraordinary gains in strength, speed, and explosiveness over the past 2 years. He currently holds 5 Outer Limits records, and I am sure he is not done. Simply put, your child will reach their athletic potential here."

    -Kristine & Kerry Yacamelli

  • Stronger. Faster. All-around better athlete.

    Outer Limits has made me an all-around better athlete. I have gotten stronger, faster and improved in every aspect of soccer. I also believe that the work I have put in has helped prevent possible injuries as well. The training is set for the athlete’s personal needs and goals and is instructed by quality trainers. Outer Limits creates a fun and enjoyable environment that makes it easy to work hard.

    -Ellie Coffield

  • Improved every aspect of athleticism

    "After seeing the results Outer Limits achieved with our older son Ben, we decided to have Eli start training at Outer Limits during the summer before his Freshman year in High School. Since then, he's gained 50 lbs of muscle and improved every aspect of his athletic profile. I firmly believe that Outer Limits science-based training approach and individualized training plan has helped Eli move toward his full potential and realize his goal of having the opportunity to play college football. This year, Eli's focus was on becoming more explosive. We communicated that goal to Bill and his team, and they tuned his workouts and he was able to set nine Outer Limits records related to speed, quickness, and overall explosiveness, including a 40.1" vertical jump. I cannot be more pleased with Eli's progress and expect that he will continue training at Outer Limits throughout his college career."

    -Todd Jochem (Pine-Richland Football Quarterbacks Coach)

  • Major Development in Athleticism

    "Outer Limits’ training staff has helped me grow to be the student-athlete that I have desired to become. Through my workouts at Outer Limits, I have seen major development in my explosiveness, speed, agility, and strength. These attributes have assisted and guided me to become an elite baseball player. All of the workouts at Outer Limits are designed for the specific needs of the athlete in order to obtain their goals. In addition, the instruction provided by the athletic trainers is phenomenal! They supply me with great intel on HOW and WHY I’m doing certain exercises. Overall, Outer Limits has a great environment of structure and enjoyability! I would recommend Outer Limits to anyone that wants to improve their skills and play at the next level!"

    -Chase Krewson

  • A new level of athleticism and speed

    "My kids are young (13 & 16) and have only been training at Outer Limits for about a year (2018), but in that year I’ve seen a change not only in their performance on the field but also in their attitude. I saw a new level of athleticism and speed from my son, Hunter, this past football season enabling him to make plays on both sides of the ball. My daughter, Mia, who has always been fast, is now starting to get the explosiveness and strength necessary into her lacrosse game. It’s a credit to Bill and his trainers, I’ve seen the one on one attention and focus at the Outer Limits … at a young age, my kids are learning how to train and condition their body the right way. As for the attitude, both now love to work out … as soon as their playing season ended, they were excited to get back into the Outer Limits routine and prepare for next season. I see a positive environment at the Outer Limits training facility, from the trainers’ genuine interest in driving performance and hearing about or even watching their film to the conditions and climate created by seeing young athletes from all over the Pittsburgh region pushing themselves to reach their goals!"

    -Steve Petzuk

  • Individual attention makes all the difference..

    "Bill and his staff at Outer Limits have really impressed me with their approach in the training of my son Robby. They have helped him increase his strength, speed, and explosiveness over the four months he has trained there. There is a science behind what they do at Outer Limits, but each athlete is also treated with individual attention and that makes all the difference."

    -Rob Carmody (Mars High School Head Boys Basketball Coach)

  • OL is the best kept secret in the game

    I’m only gonna say this once. Outer limits is absolutely unique. This is not a “group lesson” or a cookie cutter program. This is customized 1-on-1 training designed for each athlete and their chosen sport. This is the only program I have ever seen that is designed and focused on getting them to their full potential, safely and correctly! There are shortcuts and other programs out there, but none will compare if you are truly serious about getting real and jaw-dropping results. I was selfish at first for not wanting to tell others about this, but you will never appreciate this until you see for yourself. Results don’t lie! OL is the best kept secret in the game today!

    -Bob Pugar

  • Completely Transformed

    "Outer Limits has completely transformed my body in 3 short months. There is no better place out there. Period. Love the guys and the atmosphere. It is my favorite place to be."

    -Adam Dembowski

  • Incredible Results

    "The results that Bill and the staff at Outer Limits have achieved with Michael are incredible. Bill scientifically developed an individualized training program that has transformed Mike into one of the top offensive linemen in the country. Outer Limits has helped both of my sons reach their athletic potential.”

    -Rob Carmody (Mars High School Head Boys' Basketball Coach)

  • The Difference Maker..

    "Outer Limits, the dedicated staff and their detailed training methods have been the difference maker for Zach. Ever since he started training with Bill and his staff, Zach's overall play, whether it be guarding the ball or attacking the basket, has skyrocketed. His improved athleticism has been the determining factor. Additionally, his recruiting picked up and resulted in him realizing a dream to play Division 1 basketball at Army West Point. Without the improved athleticism, I'm not so sure it happens. The Outer Limits training program and the dedicated staff pushed him over the top"

    -Jim Rocco (Penn-Trafford High School Head Boys Basketball Coach)


    My daughter has been training for three years at Outer Limits Sports and the results have been amazing. The sport specific program Bill and his staff have developed, along with the personal attention each athlete receives have allowed Breanne to realize her dream of playing collegiate lacrosse at Slippery Rock University.

    At Hampton High School, Breanne was a small but productive player. She was able to get by on desire and stick skills. She realized after her freshman season at Slippery Rock that if she wanted to continue her career, she needed to get stronger and faster. We searched the Pittsburgh area for personal trainers and fortunately decided on Outer Limits Sports.

    The strength, speed and confidence she has developed through her training has been beyond our expectations. In the three years Bill and his staff have trained Breanne, she has progressed from being a virtual spectator (appearing in six games, with 2 goals) as a freshman, to being a regular contributor (appearing in every game as first sub off the bench and seventh leading goal scorer) during her sophomore season. Her junior season was even better, starting every game and finishing the season as the third leading goal scorer and third in total points for her team.

    Not being satisfied yet, Breanne returned to Outer Limits this summer and worked even harder. She is back at school now, in fall off-season training with her team and is poised to do even better in her final season of collegiate lacrosse. I’m looking forward to seeing the improvements in her game again this season!

    -Bill Voddé (2017)

  • Amazing performance improvement in 6 weeks..

    "In the first 6 weeks of training at Outer Limits our son, Andrew, made amazing improvements to his physique and performance."

    -Tony & Tracy Recchia

  • Gained an enormous amount of strength and speed..

    “When my son, Tyler (King), began training at Outer Limits, a program was specifically designed to increase speed, strength, muscle mass and agility. Bill and his team worked individually with Tyler and kept me updated on progress and development. His results have been truly amazing. He has added 25 lbs. of muscle while gaining an enormous amount of strength and speed. I am very pleased with Tyler’s results and highly recommend Outer Limits to anyone that is committed to reaching their full athletic potential.”

    -Anthony Aliucci

  • Huge Improvements

    “In just a few months of training at Outer Limits, our son, Ben, made huge improvements in strength, speed and explosiveness. He gained 17 lbs. of muscle and completely reshaped his physique. A baseline athletic assessment was conducted and a customized training program was designed to meet his needs and goals. The individual attention, informative feedback and encouragement implemented by the Outer Limits team have been key factors in Ben's development as an athlete."

    -Todd Jochem (Pine-Richland Football Quarterbacks Coach)

  • Fastball improved 8 mph!

    Jake has been training with Outer Limits since summer 2016 to improve his speed, muscle mass, agility, and explosiveness. In that year, he gained 8 mph on his fastball.

    -Maureen Commens

  • The right work, the right way.

    Bill and the team at Outer Limits design and implement comprehensive training programs for athletes that are both effective and efficient. Since beginning his training at Outer Limits over a year ago, my son, Garrett has shown impressive gains in speed, strength and explosiveness. With the individual attention that he receives, I am confident as a parent that he is putting in the right work, in the right way, to achieve his full athletic potential.

    -Jennifer Reinke

  • Outer Limits training is unlike any other..

    "The individualized, targeted training program that my son, Isaiah (Johnson), has received at Outer Limits has been unlike any other. The improvements in his speed, explosiveness and muscle mass have been impressive and helped him have a successful Junior season. He rushed for 1650 yards, scored 18 touchdowns and won the 2015 Butler County scoring trophy. Isaiah is continuing his training at Outer Limits and plans on playing football in college."

    -Christie Beaver

  • Truly Impressed!

    "When our son Joshua began training at Outer Limits Sports, a customized program was designed to increase speed, strength, agility, and build muscle mass. Bill and his experienced and professional staff at Outer Limits took time to address our questions and continue to keep us updated on Joshua’s progress. His results have been truly unbelievable. We are very pleased with Outer Limits and recommend it to anyone serious about reaching their full athletic potential."

    -Andy and Julie Schultheis

  • Becoming a baseball diamond stand out

    "With the outstanding training program designed by Outer Limits, our son Christian has become a stronger, faster, and more powerful athlete in a matter of a few months. Outer Limits took him to the next level of athleticism and we’re really excited to see where this will take him!"

    -John & Tina Fedko

  • Added 20 lb and created an explosive first step.

    "Coming off of my junior year season I had to improve three things, size, explosiveness, and my hamstring. At Outer Limits, I was able to put on twenty pounds, strengthen my legs to create an explosive first step that I've never had, and keep myself healthy for next year. It has all contributed to a very successful off season, and will be shown on the field come next fall."

    -Austin Miele

  • Austin Miele achieving his goal: Division-I Football

    "Austin finished his junior year of football with 1,218 yards rushing, 14 touchdowns and 26 tackles. He had a successful year. However, he wanted to be recruited as a Division 1 athlete. Austin knew he needed to be bigger, faster, stronger and more explosive and he needed to do it in a small amount of time because in a few short months the recruiting season would begin.

    Austin set a personal goal to be in the best physical and mental shape possible at the beginning of his senior football season.

    He began working with Bill Nichol at Outer Limits in Valencia, PA in February and for six months he worked the program and diet faithfully. He added 20 pounds of muscle without sacrificing speed. His legs became powerful and his first step explosive. He gained agility, flexibility and his confidence grew. He believed in the program and it showed in his results.

    Austin had a tremendous senior season. He ran for 1,870 yards and scored 22 touchdowns. He led his team to the WPIAL AAA Semi Finals. He was named WTAE Student Athlete of the week when he set a WPIAL Record running 448 yards in a single playoff game. Austin became the first player at Mars High School to rush for three consecutive 1,000 yard seasons. He was named to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette Fabulous 22 Team and the Pittsburgh Tribune Review Terrific 25 Team. All of these accolades were the result of his off season training at Outer Limits. He gained the mental and physical toughness that he needed to run through and around tackles. He had the strength to carry players on his back as he plowed forward to gain more yards. He had an explosive first step that gave him the ability to get past the first tackle and the speed to dodge others. Austin was recruited by several Division I coaches and accepted a full athletic scholarship to St. Francis University in Loretto, PA.

    Austin achieved his goal with the help of Bill Nichol and his Outer Limits Program. Bill’s training techniques, knowledge and experience gave Austin the development he needed to be successful. They continue to train and work together to maintain Austin’s exceptional physical proficiency."

    -Bernie Miele

  • From season-ending injury.. to starting Quarterback.

    "I would like to take this time to personally thank Bill at Outer Limits for his efforts and assistance in getting our son, Jonathan Nigro, starting Varsity Quarterback at Hampton, ready for this season. Jonathan started with Bill at Outer Limits after recovering from a season ending fracture of his right throwing arm in the second scrimmage of his sophomore year. Post surgery and rehab of his arm, Bill had Jonathan back on track. After missing the entire season there was much work that needed to be accomplished before competing at the high school level and for the QB position. Our goals were to put weight on, increase leg and arm strength and increase speed. During one off-season, this was accomplished. Jonathan put on 22 pounds and returned to full function. He was aerobically and physically fit for the summer football workouts and competed for the starting position with 2 other players. First scrimmage, he was named the starter and remains there. Fortunately, after 2 scrimmages and 8 games, he has not been injured and in part I feel that is because he is in such great shape. Jonathan looks forward to returning to his workouts as soon as the season is over as he really enjoys the routine and loves working hard to obtain his goals. Again, thanks for your efforts and help."

    -Dr. Nicki Nigro

  • Triple Threat: Running speed, throwing velocity, bat speed.

    "Outer Limits was the missing link for sports training for my sons, Phil and Alex. We received a one-on-one professional training program customized for their needs. As a result, they are now faster and more explosive runners, added velocity to their throws, and increased bat speed and power."

    Dr. Frank Madonna

  • 20 pounds of muscle

    At Outer Limits, I was able to gain 20 pounds of muscle through intense workouts, and have become the strongest and quickest that I have ever been."

    Tyler Kotch

  • I gained 25 lb of muscle and increased vertical over 10 inches.

    "At Outer Limits, I have increased my vertical by 10.5 inches along with gaining 25 lbs of muscle. I've also learned how important the glutes and hamstrings are to becoming a faster sprinter and training the correct way made my speed improve a lot. I have seen how the hard work training with Bill has paid off, and I continue to work hard along with my teammates who also train at Outer Limits."

    -Chris Smith

  • Amazing progress

    "My son Connor has spent four months training at Outer Limits and his progress has been amazing! Bill has developed Connor's size, strength and speed with intense physical training, dedicated focus on proper diet and inspirational enthusiasm. There's no question we received outstanding value from Bill's techniques."

    Tim Biggs

  • Great results in just a few weeks.

    "Outer Limits was a great experience for me. I got great results in only a few weeks. Just when I thought two-a-days were hard, the workout 'The Kreider' took the meaning of 'extreme' to the next level. It's the hardest leg workout of my life."

    -Dylan Bear

  • Drastic Improvements

    "My son Garrett has gained 18 lbs, increased his vertical jump by 12 inches, and his overall physique now has thickness and definition. At Outer Limits we received a professionally structured program for committed athletes to gain lean body mass and vastly improve their athletic ability. The value is visible in the athlete and can be measured in overall strength, explosive power, and stability!"

    Mark Ashbaugh

  • Best shape of my life.

    "Having just recently grown an interest in bodybuilding, I began training harder that I ever have before. As I had began to research many professional opinions, many made it clear that having a mentor/trainer is a MUST have. This is when I stumbled upon Outer Limits Sports. I knew I would receive the training I needed to achieve the results I was looking for and boy was that an understatement. The program has completely changed who I am today. I am in the best shape of my life and I owe it all to Outer Limits; however, not only do I just look better, I feel better. Bill Nichol has provided me with knowledge that I honestly couldn't have found anywhere else, my lifestyle has been altered. Eating healthy and staying in shape has now become a top priority in my life. To put it short, Outer Limits has changed my life for the better."

    -Spencer Strayer