Tyler King

Navy (Pine-Richland HS)

Team: Navy (Pine-Richland HS)

Sport: Football

Tyler is training with Outer Limits to make improvements in muscle mass, strength, speed, agility, and explosiveness in preparation for the upcoming football season.

  • High School: Pine-Richland
  • Linebacker
  • Gained 25 lbs of muscle training w/ Outer Limits (225 lb)



  • Gained an enormous amount of strength and speed..

    “When my son, Tyler (King), began training at Outer Limits, a program was specifically designed to increase speed, strength, muscle mass and agility. Bill and his team worked individually with Tyler and kept me updated on progress and development. His results have been truly amazing. He has added 25 lbs. of muscle while gaining an enormous amount of strength and speed. I am very pleased with Tyler’s results and highly recommend Outer Limits to anyone that is committed to reaching their full athletic potential.”

    -Anthony Aliucci