Spencer Strayer

Seneca Valley High School

  • spencer_strayer_outer_limits

Team: Seneca Valley High School

Sport: Hockey

Spencer is training with Outer Limits Sports to make improvements in muscular development, strength, speed, and vertical jump.

  • Year: Senior
  • Weight: 171 lbs


  • Best shape of my life.

    "Having just recently grown an interest in bodybuilding, I began training harder that I ever have before. As I had began to research many professional opinions, many made it clear that having a mentor/trainer is a MUST have. This is when I stumbled upon Outer Limits Sports. I knew I would receive the training I needed to achieve the results I was looking for and boy was that an understatement. The program has completely changed who I am today. I am in the best shape of my life and I owe it all to Outer Limits; however, not only do I just look better, I feel better. Bill Nichol has provided me with knowledge that I honestly couldn't have found anywhere else, my lifestyle has been altered. Eating healthy and staying in shape has now become a top priority in my life. To put it short, Outer Limits has changed my life for the better."

    -Spencer Strayer