Jon Nigro

Allegheny College

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  • Jon Nigro Outer Limits
  • Jon Nigro Outer Limits
Jon Nigro Outer Limits Jon Nigro Outer Limits Jon Nigro Outer Limits Jon Nigro Outer Limits

Team: Allegheny College

Sport: Football

Jon is training with Outer Limits Sports to make improvements in muscle mass, strength, speed, agility, and power in preparation for the upcoming football season.

  • Position: Quarterback
  • Height: 5'10"
  • Weight: 165 Lbs.
  • Year: Senior
  • High School: Hampton



  • From season-ending injury.. to starting Quarterback.

    "I would like to take this time to personally thank Bill at Outer Limits for his efforts and assistance in getting our son, Jonathan Nigro, starting Varsity Quarterback at Hampton, ready for this season. Jonathan started with Bill at Outer Limits after recovering from a season ending fracture of his right throwing arm in the second scrimmage of his sophomore year. Post surgery and rehab of his arm, Bill had Jonathan back on track. After missing the entire season there was much work that needed to be accomplished before competing at the high school level and for the QB position. Our goals were to put weight on, increase leg and arm strength and increase speed. During one off-season, this was accomplished. Jonathan put on 22 pounds and returned to full function. He was aerobically and physically fit for the summer football workouts and competed for the starting position with 2 other players. First scrimmage, he was named the starter and remains there. Fortunately, after 2 scrimmages and 8 games, he has not been injured and in part I feel that is because he is in such great shape. Jonathan looks forward to returning to his workouts as soon as the season is over as he really enjoys the routine and loves working hard to obtain his goals. Again, thanks for your efforts and help."

    -Dr. Nicki Nigro