Breanne Voddé

Slippery Rock University

Team: Slippery Rock University

Sport: LaCrosse

Breanne is training with Outer Limits to make improvements in strength, speed, agility, and explosiveness in preparation for the upcoming Lacrosse season.

  • Position: Attack
  • Broke two team workout records at Slippery Rock (10-yard shuttle, Reverse push-ups)
  • High School: Hampton



    My daughter has been training for three years at Outer Limits Sports and the results have been amazing. The sport specific program Bill and his staff have developed, along with the personal attention each athlete receives have allowed Breanne to realize her dream of playing collegiate lacrosse at Slippery Rock University.

    At Hampton High School, Breanne was a small but productive player. She was able to get by on desire and stick skills. She realized after her freshman season at Slippery Rock that if she wanted to continue her career, she needed to get stronger and faster. We searched the Pittsburgh area for personal trainers and fortunately decided on Outer Limits Sports.

    The strength, speed and confidence she has developed through her training has been beyond our expectations. In the three years Bill and his staff have trained Breanne, she has progressed from being a virtual spectator (appearing in six games, with 2 goals) as a freshman, to being a regular contributor (appearing in every game as first sub off the bench and seventh leading goal scorer) during her sophomore season. Her junior season was even better, starting every game and finishing the season as the third leading goal scorer and third in total points for her team.

    Not being satisfied yet, Breanne returned to Outer Limits this summer and worked even harder. She is back at school now, in fall off-season training with her team and is poised to do even better in her final season of collegiate lacrosse. I’m looking forward to seeing the improvements in her game again this season!

    -Bill Voddé (2017)